Ubuntu Commands

  •     How to copy ontology on server
sudo scp /home/ahmad/ontologies-Health-Census-LOD/healthCensus2LOD.owl server@sadi2:/var/lib/tomcat6/webapps/ROOT/ontologies/
  •     To copy into local machine
scp myusername@university_computer:/home/myusername/file.odt /local/destination/path/
  •     Start and stop apache 2 on Ubuntu
sudo service apache2 restart|stop|start
    • Building a war file, Go to the particular folder and type the following
jar cvf  hc2lod.war *

  • Split large RDF dump into chunck
  • If your input data file is in N-Triples format, contains no blank nodes, and you’re lucky enough to be on Linux, you can create your own split simply with the split shell command:

    split -l 100000 /path/to/large/rdf/file.nt

    The above command will split your input data file into several smaller files, of 100,000 lines each. Vary chunk size to taste (between 100,000 and 500,000 seems to generally give best results, but a lot, again, depends on the hardware).


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