Setup SNORQL with Sesame Triple Store

Download D2R Server v0.6 (alpha)

Direct link

TGZ file:

ZIP file:

D2R Server page

Extract the contents of the archive file. Edit the file d2r-server-0.6/webapp/snorql/snorql.js. Find the line this_endpoint = document.location.href.match(/^([^?]*)snorql\//)[1] + ‘sparql’;. Change sparql to openrdf-sesame/repositories/<repo name you want to use> (in this case I used new-nvcl for the repo name). Create the file namespaces.js in the same directory and add the following lines (namespaces taken from here for the NVCL repo):

var D2R_namespacePrefixes = {
owl2xml: ‘’,
nvcl: ‘’,
xsd: ‘’,
rdfs: ‘’,
rdf: ‘’,
skos: ‘’,
owl: ‘’,

Copy the directory d2r-server-0.6/webapp/snorql to the webapps directory on your server. Do chown -R tomcat55:nogroup on the webapps/snorql directory.

Fusuk with SEsame



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